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The blogosphere is considered as the world of blogging. Starting With What is Blog to Earning Bucks will be Explained in this guide. Basically, Blog is used for Expressing the Opinions, sharing useful and valuable information which is required by millions. We can make money through monetization of blogs.what is blog ?

What is Blog?

Basically, Blog is the media Way to Express the opinion about something. It can be Writing a personal diary to News and Updates.

Technically, It is the Dynamic Website which is Regularly updated

How does Blogging Work?

Blogging is Mainly a Profession, Blogger is the Designation for every person who has a blog and Earning from It.

Blog consist of series of articles written by bloggers. Every post or article is listed on top, as it is the latest Post written by a blogger. Every blog can be created focusing on different topics like Sports, business, Technology and Health, etc..!

The blog is considered into two niches as Micro and Macro Niche blogs. Macro niche is the vast topic which includes small topics like Android, Mobiles comes under Technology . and android, windows can be Considered a Micro Niche.

Blogging as a Profession:

Blogging can be the Best of all the 9 to 5 jobs, Because of Freedom to travel and Live you Dream Life. Nowadays trending word ” Be your own Boss ” best suites for Bloggers. You can check out the Lifestyle of Bloggers in Real Life. It’s awesome !!

Creating a Blog

A blog can Be Create on eight different Blogging Platforms WordPress.com WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Ghost, Squarespace, Wix. Some of the Platforms are free to try and can allow you to earn

How to Create a Blog for Free and make Money. ?

WordPress.org and Blogger are the Free Platforms to Create Blog and Earn Money from it. Google Adsense and WordAds are the Best Monetization sites for making Few bucks to a Million Dollars ( depending on the work ).

Blogger.com is the Google product useful to create blogs for Free with a Subdomain as “your site.blogspot.in”. To make money from blogging, Adsense is the best choice but, your blog should follow the rules and regulations of Google AdSense to Getting approved and Get Paid for Blogging.

After having better knowledge of blogging, you can also search for Paid Blogs on Online Gig sites like Fiver.com, Freelancer.com and Truelancer.com( for Indians) for Getting paid to blog and complete gigs like content writing and Content Marketing.

Inbound Marketing :

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